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College Bound? What's Your Dream?

Engineering? Music? Athletics? Art? Medicine? Business?

If you're a college bound student (or the parent of one), you're navigating a critical time in your life, and you're faced with important college admission questions. It helps to have a trusted advisor to guide you through the process.


College Admissions Testing:
Should I take the SAT, ACT or both? What about the Subject Tests? Where do I go for test prep?


How can I reduce 3,000 colleges and universities to a short list of appropriate schools for me?

College Applications:
What can I do to make my application stand out from all the others? What is the best topic for my essay?

Staying Organized and on Schedule:
With so many tests to take, applications to fill out and financial aid forms, how will we keep track of all of the deadlines?

Help with Paying for College:
How do we find scholarships? How will we fill out all of the financial aid forms?

Northcoast Educational
Consulting Providespersonalixed planning and guidance for the college admissions process

We provide answers to these questions and more. Learn about our services.

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