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Do We Really Need An Independent Educational Consultant?

You're probably wondering whether you need an educational consultant. After all, your school provides a college/guidance counselor. High school counselors provide an excellent service; however, they often have heavy student loads and additional responsibilities that reduce the time available for each student. Unfortunately, they can't provide individualized college planning for every student. In today's climate of ultra-competitive admissions, it's crucial to be able to articulate and convey to the admissions committee the factors that make you uniquely, "you".

With over 3,000 colleges and universities in the United States, how will you know which are right for you? With costs skyrocketing and more students applying to college than ever, it's important to find a college that is appropriate for you academically, socially, and financially.

There is so much to consider as you research colleges. It helps to have an expert to guide you. Below are just a few of the questions and issues you need to consider:

    1. Which schools are best for a student interested in engineering …dance…graphic design…business… communications… sports marketing… pre-med… politics… music… neuroscience… linguistics… international relations…?
    2. Is there an advantage to applying Early Decision? Are admission rates the same for the regular pool as the early pool?
    3. Is it less expensive to attend a state university than a private college?
    4. In which extra-curricular activities should a student participate? Which is better -- a summer job, an internship, or an academic experience?
    5. What do students with learning differences need to know about applying to college? Are there extra steps they need to take in order to insure college success?
    6. Is there anything I can do to reduce the stress? I was hoping to enjoy my senior year of high school!
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