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Testimonials of Satisfied College Planning Families

"As parents of a daughter so completely invested in pursuit of advanced education, the task of guiding her college search was overwhelming! The available colleges are diverse in so many ways and the best fit for the child requires, as we learned from Barbara, a methodical process designed with reason and clear purpose. Of the many investments that a parent makes in raising a child and educating them, I count our investment in Barbara's services as being eminently the best! We assumed the "sidelines" and watched a professional unfold and help define our daughter's learning style, passion, and realistic goals. She developed rapport and trust with her quickly. She reviewed her high school curriculum and guided her with respect to how best to enhance her present educational experience. The expectations of the student in terms of learning about and developing a "feel" for the colleges were clearly articulated and aggressively facilitated. In conclusion, we feel indebted to her exceptionally rendered professional services and view them as being key to facilitating our daughter's transition from being a high schooler to a soon to be freshman at college."

Prab Gill

"When my friends heard that I had hired a professional college counselor, they were taken aback. "But you know more about college admissions than anyone else I know!" they exclaimed. I knew enough, though, to know that I was no expert—especially for my own children. I now can say unequivocally that hiring Barbara was some of the most valuable dollars we have ever spent on our children's education. She is certainly superb at matching high school students to colleges, guiding them through the process and calmly and professionally dealing with the Byzantine and time-consuming process of applying to college. However, we received an incalculable benefit from her services: we had a great relationship with our high school seniors in their last year at home. While other parents and teens fought over essays, standardized test retakes, grades and college choices, we spent our time talking with our son and daughter about their hopes and fears for the future. I can't think of a better way to send your children off to college—and we could not have done it without Barbara."

Sarah Simoneaux

"Quality education has always been of high importance to our family. Two years ago there were many colleges and universities which we had never heard of. We would have never considered some of these schools as realistic options for our college-bound daughter had it not been for the valuable guidance we received from Barbara. Our daughter is just finishing her first semester and we can honestly say that her school fits her like a glove. The assessments and advice that Barbara's service provided us in finding an optimal fit for our child was invaluable. Our daughter is happy, productive, successful, and engaged in her school. We began the process of the college search in her sophomore year of high school. It was not too early to begin. The process was not only interesting, but essentially pain-free. (Having gone through the procedure twice before, we can honestly say that although we may have done more work with our third child, it was certainly less stressful.) We had preconceived ideas of what a good school for our daughter might be, however, there were many things which we overlooked. We learned the importance of finding a good fit for our child instead of just finding what we thought was a good school for her. In the end, we discovered there were multiple schools that would have been good choices for our family. (Although today, our daughter claims her choice was the only one for her!) We are indebted to Barbara for helping us through this confusing and often stressful process."

Maria and Steve Alex

"The college application process is truly a daunting task. Additional anxiety is created when your child aspires acceptance into a selective school. The competition is keenly cutthroat and the student and his/her parents are absolutely clueless how to navigate the vagaries of this process. Barbara Pasalis brings reason, compassion and valued experience to this intimidating course of action. Protecting the parents from the role of policeman or taskmaster, Barbara sets reasonable expectations and necessary deadlines for your child. She manages to keep the student on a steady and timely track and redirects them on tasks where appropriate. Barbara's services are invaluable in making an overwhelming activity not only manageable but winnable. My wife and I recognize the true value of the investment we made for our son in accepting Barbara's services."

Bobby Garon

"We knew our son was going to go to college, but we had no idea how to answer the question of where he would be happiest and have the best chance of succeeding academically, socially, and emotionally. Barbara assessed his strengths and weaknesses objectively, and gave all of us invaluable perspective, and direction, as we narrowed the long list of potential schools to one of those that offered the best fit. Through Barbara's diagnostic tests we learned more about our son than we had in two years of working with his high school counselor. Northcoast Educational Consulting explains the college application process in a way that is clear, approachable, and, most of all, manageable. They empower the student and inform the parents. Our working relationship with our son was enhanced, and the college journey was fulfilling and enlightening for all of us because we retained Barbara and Northcoast Educational Consulting."

Elizabeth and Scott Buse

"Barbara Pasalis started working with our son, Michael, at the conclusion of his sophomore year. My only regret is that we did not retain Barbara sooner. She was extremely helpful during each phase of Michael's college search, in the college application process, and when the time came for him to make his final decision on where to attend college. Not only did Barbara do a great job helping our son to focus and think through the college selection and application process, she also gained his confidence, and he was very receptive to her advice at various important decision points along the way. And, as we all know, there are times when our children are more willing to listen to the advice of a respected third party than that of their parents. My recommendation of Barbara Pasalis is unqualified, and I would be happy to speak with anyone who would like to hear more about the very productive and pleasant experience we had with her."

Steve Squeri

"Northcoast Educational Consulting worked in conjunction with my two children's high school college counselors, providing us with necessary organization and structure plus enlightening us with the small details that would have otherwise been passed over. Assistance with applications and essay writing were key ingredients of the process and resulted in a 100% success rate of acceptances from their top four schools. The ultimate school selection process was relatively easy due to Northcoast's guidance, and they are now both thriving in college and on track to graduate in four years. What more can a parent ask for?"

Linda Kane

"Barbara Pasalis has done an exceptional job for our two graduating seniors. Both children ended up at schools that are perfect for them-and schools that we had not considered before working with Barbara. Further we were able to get scholarships totaling over $30,000 per year. While the monies are significant, her direction to appropriate schools was far more important."

Don Licking

"Simply said, working with Mrs. Barbara Pasalis was one of the best decisions that my parents and I could have made during my college application process. I had high inspirations to become a doctor, and I decided to apply for highly competitive medical programs. Mrs. Pasalis gave me the tools to help organize myself and apply to all thirteen colleges easily. Her methods and application processes were highly efficient and made the exhausting college application process much, much easier. I was an outstanding student in high school but in the modern world of college, gaining admission is highly competitive. Mrs. Pasalis helped me stand out from my peers and get into a medical program where only twelve students are accepted. Thanks to Mrs. Pasalis, I no longer have to apply to medical school or pay for any tuition, books, or fees, which is an incredible relief for both the short and the long term. Without any reservations, I recommend Mrs. Pasalis to any student looking to continue his or her education in a good school. One cannot place a value on success, and working alongside Mrs. Pasalis was money extremely well spent."

Priya Srivastava

"We are parents who could have never imagined a few years ago needing a college consultant to help us and our son with the college selection and admission process. I have helped businesses through a variety of transactions in my professional life, and my wife was also in business for many years, however none of that prepared us for the college journey! Barb quickly developed a great relationship with our son, and learned what he was like and what colleges might be a good fit for him. She did not just tell him what he wanted to hear, but what made sense based on her evaluation. Barb was available whenever we needed her throughout the process, from beginning to end. She helped educate us, listened to our son's feedback from the college visits, and counseled us on what the next steps were. I was particularly impressed how she handled certain issues one-on-one with our son, and others with all of us when appropriate. I cannot express how valuable her input was. She filled in many of the gaps in knowledge that remained even after doing much research and reading. She made sure he knew about and made all of the important deadlines, and provided her own personal insight. Based on his first half year in college, clearly he chose the right college! I would highly recommend that parents of college-bound students consider Barb's program. "

BB, parents of Ryan

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