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Counseling Services for College-Bound Students

College Planning Packages

We offer a variety of packages to assist our families in the college search and application process. These are outlined below. If a student needs a service that is not within the scope of one of the packages, alternative arrangements can be discussed.  Fees for the Assessment, Basic and Comprehensive packages are payable in installments.

  • FRESHMAN PACKAGE ~ 2 meetings to review academic record, discuss extracurricular activities and choice of classes for sophomore year, and to provide suggestions for summer activities. 
  • SOPHOMORE PACKAGE ~ 3 meetings; same as the freshman package, with the addition of discussion and planning for PSAT, SAT, ACT, SAT Subject Tests, and AP exams.
  • CAREER ASSESSMENT ~ 2 meetings, administration of assessments, and written report to assist the student in identifying appropriate career options and college majors.* 
  • BASIC PACKAGE ~ includes review of student records, administration of questionnaires, all elements of the Career Assessment Package, and presentation of an individualized college list.*
  • COMPREHENSIVE PACKAGE ~ includes all of the services in our Basic Package.  In addition, it includes assistance with: academic planning, choice of extracurricular and summer activities; recommendations for test preparation and a testing timetable; methodology for researching colleges; preparation for college visits, including mock interviewing; preparation of the extracurricular resume; preparation and proofreading of applications, including brainstorming and assistance with essays; assistance with financial aid and scholarship forms; evaluation of admission offers; and a seminar on Success in College.

    Our Comprehensive Package also includes, at no additional charge, support to students with learning disabilities and AD/HD, identifying the postsecondary programs with appropriate services to facilitate success at the next level.  Psychoeducational Evaluations, IEP’s and 504 Plans are reviewed.  Summer programs will be identified to help students maximize their performance in the classroom and prepare for college. Guidance is provided with respect to obtaining testing accommodations on the SAT and ACT.   Finally, counseling will be provided to help students learn to self-advocate to obtain support services at the college of their choice. 

Additional Services

  • SENIOR APPLICATION ASSISTANCE ~  services are provided on an hourly basis and include suggestions for highlighting a student’s special talents, essay brainstorming and editing, and proofreading of all application materials.
  • ACT-SAT DIAGNOSTIC ~ Our ACT-SAT Diagnostic assessment is effective in determining which test is best for each individual student. This saves the extra time and money involved in double test preparation and sitting for  both exams. In addition, the 10-page report, which is provided for the student, breaks down each area of grammar, math, etc. so that students can save time and money while focusing their test prep only on areas where they need to improve.
  • TIME MANAGEMENT ~ Students struggling with time management issues will benefit from this module.
  • SELF-ACTUALIZED LEARNING ~ Are you a self-actualized learner?  This module will assist you in evaluating the effectiveness of your study skills in order to improve your work habits and raise your grades.
  • SSAT FLEX TESTING ~ We are an approved SSAT Flex Test administration center. If the national dates or locations are not convenient for you, you can take the test in Cleveland at a mutually agreeable date and time.
  • CURRICULUM ADVICE/PREPARATION FOR GRADUATE SCHOOL ~ We will consult with college students and assist them in planning a college curriculum plan that will enhance their admissibility to law school, medical school, and graduate school.


We will be happy to speak at the next meeting of your organization, or to provide a workshop as a benefit for your employees. Topics include:

  • The College Admission Landscape: An Overview of the College Admission Process
  • Issues In College Affordability
  • 4-Year College Planning Timeline

*A student may convert from the Career Assessment or Basic Package to the Comprehensive Package and all fees paid to date will be applied toward the cost of the Comprehensive Package then in effect.
Please contact us for our current fee schedule and to discuss which services will most benefit your student.


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Looking For a Speaker with Expertise in College Admissions Counseling?

As a service to the community, Northcoast Educational Consulting will be happy to conduct an informational program at the next meeting of your group or organization. To make arrangements for a speaker, or for any other information or questions, please call 440-570-7030, or contact us via email at:


Possible topics for discussion:

  • Overview of the College Admissions Process
  • Financial Aid
  • Crafting a Strong Application and
    Essay Writing
  • Building a strong admissions profile throughout high school
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